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Tributaries Consulting

Expanding your understanding of western waterways.


What We Do.

Tributaries Consulting provides historical consulting through research, writing, education, and public outreach for the water community. Our goal is to expand understanding of and narratives about the American West’s water and bring fresh, innovative perspectives to present and future challenges facing water in our region.


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How We Do It.

Research & Content Development

Offering research and content development services that will add historical perspectives and depth to your organization’s work in innovative ways.  Learn more.

Public Speaking

Tributaries Consulting will travel throughout the West to provide presentations, serve on guest panels, and offer Q&A opportunities to classrooms, large groups, stakeholder gatherings, and more. Submit request.

Educational Tools

Developing custom workshops, dynamic public presentations, and innovative curriculum resources that make Western water history relevant to today’s challenges. Learn More.


Sara is currently at work on a book about the transnational history of the Colorado River. In it, she explores how the Colorado has historically been connected to rivers around the world through policy, infrastructure, and recreation. Learn more.


Writings on the history of water, outdoor recreation, the environment, and other subjects, and how that history informs and influences present-day issues for a wide range of publications online and in print. Learn more.


Through the experience of place we encounter a world not unlike that of the people we study. My own experiences on the rivers give my analysis a depth not available if I didn’t know these rivers well.
— Sara Porterfield, Founder


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