Tributaries Consulting

Research & Content Development

Research & Content Development on rivers of the American West.

Content Development

Tributaries Consulting provides content development services backed by expert historical research. We can develop written historical summaries, create timelines, or offer content review and content collaboration on larger written projects with your team.

Collaboration Examples:

  • Research and develop historical timeline and narrative content for Boulder County Fair’s 150th anniversary.

  • Help to create, develop, and procure assets for an online historical blog. View here.

  • Provide content review for an article on river names published online by the Audubon Society. View article here.

Research Projects

Tributaries Consulting offers expert historical research services to delve into your organization’s past or answer a specific research question.  Let us put our skills to work for you as we can thoroughly and efficiently find the historical information you seek.

Example Research Projects:

  • Collect stories or oral histories from community/project members

  • Research and find historic maps and illustrations

  • Research a company/organization’s history

  • Fact check information to ensure accuracy